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About Us

Welcome to the best girl squad on the internet!

Our Mission: 

"To inspire women to break the status quo and become the next generation of leaders by expressing themselves through clothing that empowers."

Darling Authority was started by a savvy college student in 2019 who put her love of fashion, female empowerment, and entrepreneurship to the test. She wanted to create a brand that encouraged all girls, every where, that they have the authority to look and feel good in the clothing they wear.

We sell trendy, young contemporary women's clothing styles to women who know they can have it all. We aim to bring versatile, cute pieces for any occasion!


Hey gf, I'm Nat!

I'm a small town girl who always knew she wanted bigger things - I grew up with two entrepreneurial parents, and little did I know, I've been creating my next big business idea ever since I was a little girl! I've always had a love for fashion, business, traveling and doing whatever I set my mind to. 

I created Darling Authority because I want to encourage all girls to feel the same way - that they have the authority to have it all! As a 22-year-old college student, a full time corporate employee, and small business owner I truly believe we all have a #girlboss inside of us, you've just got to find her!