Twenty Things to Do Before Your Twenties

Twenty Things to Do Before Your Twenties

Alright ya crazy kids, it's finally the day you wished for when you were an angsty teen sitting in your bedroom wanting to be all grown up - your twenties! Don't you want to go back and slap that girl? 

Regardless if you're happy they're here, or wishing you had a few more Friday night lights, here's twenty ways to embrace your twenties and things to do before you move on to the next stage of life! 

1.) Get out of your comfort zone

Near or far, it's time to step out of that dang thing. You're too old for the comfort zone! (Or perhaps, too young?) Either way, your twenties is a time to explore, develop, grow, fail, succeed and everything in between. But you need to put yourself out there in order to do any of those things.

2.) Make a Bucket List

... and then make a plan to actually check those things off. It can be travel destinations, small goals, local places you want to check out, or a combination of all of those things! Start making a plan for yourself to live out your wildest dreams.

3.) Fall in Love 

with another person, with a friend, with a profession, and most importantly, with yourself! Love can be found and developed in many places, and nows the time to love unapologetically!

4.) Visit a New City

I'm a huge traveler, and I could spend a whole blog post convincing you to leave your home town and travel (but I won't). So whether that's within your state or in another country, take time to experience somewhere new. You won't regret it.

5.) Get a Side Hustle

This is the time to be broke and not get judged as hard for how you get by day to day. Make some extra cash with a side hustle! Before Darling Authority, I had MANY side hustles: dog sitting and canvas painting just to name a few. They allowed me to pursue the rest of the list while keeping a roof over my head!

6.) Learn a new skill

How fun! What's the point in being young and ending life the exact same as when you entered it? Learn how to play an instrument, or how to cook. Whatever your interests are, follow them!

7.) Find Your Passion

Oof, the dreaded passion talk. I'll keep it short: find it and stick to it. It's okay if it changes throughout time.

8.) Volunteer your time

There's nothing like finding yourself in the process of helping others! Take some time to get involved in your community and help a cause you care about.

9.) Send a thank you card

It's important to remember to thank others for helping along the craziness of this age. It's easy to take and not give in return - take a second to thank the people in your life with a nice lil card!

10.) Buy your friends a meal

Along the lines of saying thank you - show appreciation for your friends by taking them out for a nice meal. It's a small way to show your appreciation for their friendship! 

11.) Spend a night in by yourself 

A little self care never did anyone harm. Make time for yourself and treat yourself to some self love.

12.) Learn to say No

Easier said than done, but an important part of growing up is realizing the things, people and opportunities that deserve your time and attention. 

13.) Buy something for your parents

They've done so much for you, it's only fair to start flipping the coin a bit. Show them how much you care for them with a small gift!

14.) Say yes when you don't want to

On the other hand of saying no, also start saying yes to things you normally wouldn't. Go out when you don't want to, join friends for an activity you're not familiar with, give that guy a chance. Odds are you won't regret it!

15.) Drop something that doesn't serve your overall goal

So you've found your passion and plan. You've learned to say no. Put it all together and drop the things that don't serve your overall purpose. 

16.) Deep clean your room

Get. Rid. Of. It. No, you will never wear it. No, you won't need it later. Go through your things and have an honest conversation with yourself about what you need to keep and what you can get rid of.

17.) Make a home cooked meal 

Eating like trash is probably a staple of your twenties. However, start to cook for yourself and treat your body nicely!

18.) Go on a social media cleanse

Ditch the phone and go do one of the things listed above. While social media can be our best friend, know when to cut the cord and leave it alone for a while.

19.) Go out of your way to make a new friend

Because there might be a new bff waiting for you on the horizon! 

20.) Plan your next steps

Take all these tips and plan out where you want to go from here. What do YOU want to get out of your twenties? Maybe these things aren't for you - go ahead and plan what is. 

In Conclusion .... 

Your twenties are a built in time in your life to live it up, make mistakes and become to full blown adult you strive to be. Do that angsty teen some justice and make the most of it! 

What thing are you doing today? 

- xoxo Natalie Konopka

Owner of Darling Authority Boutique

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Great list, even for people long past their 20s. :)


This is a good list of things to do. I always think of things I want to do, but never end up getting any of them done. I have done a lot of these already…maybe some too much (see number 3). I think visiting a new city would be good for me. I did this all summer this year, but it wasn’t exact the city I would’ve liked to visit (Sorry Canton & Akron, Ohio). I will get through this list soon!

Cole M Bredahl

I really enjoyed this post! My main one was learning how to say no….. I am actually so bad. Especially if an adult asks me to do something, even if I am actually dreading doing it, I will probably say yes. It’s something I need to work on! Also loved the point about sending thank you cards. I hated doing them as a kid when my mom forced me too but it is such an amazing simple gesture!

Alex Slane

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