QUIZ: How much of a #GirlBoss are you?

QUIZ: How much of a #GirlBoss are you?

The moment you've all been waiting for: the answer to the question, "Am I a Girl Boss?!" Take the quiz to find out if you have what it takes to covet the acclaimed title: 

What's your lady jam? 

A. "Bodak Yellow" - Cardi B

B. "Truth Hurts" - Lizzo

C. "Formation" - Beyonce

D. "Tik Tok" - Kesha

You're out with your friends and see a guy you're interested in from across the bar. What do you do? 

A. Leave him- I'm focusing on the three B's (babes, booze, and bops)

B. Maybe later, it's ladies night!

C. Make eye contact and motion him over. 

D. Screw the girls! I'm running over to say hi.

Uh oh! Your schedule is double booked. How do you handle it? 

A.  Prioritize the two and improvise in a way that allows you to handle both.

B.  Pick the one more important to my interests.

C.  Reschedule both to a time when you're not so swamped.

D.  Nothing! I'm going to bed.

You've got piles of homework but it's your friend's birthday tonight. You: 

A. Get the important things done and go out and celebrate.

B. Reach out to your friend and schedule a separate celebration.

C. Tell your friend you're unable to make it because of school work.

D. Ditch the homework and spend time with your friend.

What's your favorite position:


B. Manager

C. Assistant

D. Trophy Wife 


If you answered mostly...

A's: You are the textbook definition of a girl-boss! 

Girl, why are you wasting time with this quiz - don't you have things to do?! Oh that's right, it's because you're a hustler who knows how to handle her time. You're savvy, intuitive, and always know how to get the best of both world's in a situation. You're a master of living it up and getting stuff done! 

B's: You're a girl boss in training! 

The important thing is: your heart is in it! You know what it takes to become a girl boss and you're working hard to get there. While you may not always know how to handle tough situations, you try to find a solution that benefits at least one person involved. Keep grinding girl, the future is yours!

C's: You might have a ways to go! 

You clearly have some girl boss potential, but maybe it's not your thing. Going into crisis handling mode and multi-tasking might just not be your strong suits. While your intentions are there, you feel like it's best to let someone else take the lead. Don't worry, there's always a girl boss in reach to come to the rescue! 

D's: Ehhh, it's not for everyone! 

Well, let's just say #girlboss may not be the best term to describe you. While you may be killing it in your day to day, common distractions might get the best of you. While it sounds appealing, you have more important things on your mind: like boys and sleep. It's ok girl, there's not right or wrong! 

So, comment below: how much of a #GirlBoss are you?

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