How To Style Your Favorite Basic

How To Style Your Favorite Basic

Find your favorite basic, like Darling Authority’s “Holly Jolly Fringe Sweater” and get ready to turn a simple piece into an exciting staple. 

1.) Layer, Layer, Layer

Layering is the most practical trend and one of our favorites for this time of year. Tank tops over turtlenecks, tees over sweatshirts, or an adorable jacket over a sweater. We love our Sleigh All Day Plaid Coat layered on top of our Holly Jolly Fringe Sweater! The simple sweater peaking through the patterned coat are the perfect pieces to accent each other. Keeps you warm and in style! 

2.) Add statement shoes 

A simple outfit, like a white sweater and black jeans, can be taken to a whole new level with a pair of statement shoes! Red heels or a pair of snakeskin booties, are the perfect accent to a simple outfit. Think of wearing shoes that have a unique pop of color, a contrasting pattern, or are a neutral that ties the outfit together. 

3.) Do a bold hair or makeup look 

Show your creativity through a colorful makeup look or a fun hairstyle. There are so many ways to style hair of all lengths, textures, and colors. A sleek updo can add a professional vibe to your look, while loose curls sticking out of a messy bun can give you a cute yet effortless look. Makeup can also change an outfit. Add some edge with a smokey eye, or go for a dewy glow with lots of highlight and gloss, to take your whole look to a new level of chic. 

4.) Add a patterned belt 

Patterned belts have been huge recently! Cheetah, snakeskin, or even a cow print belt can add a lot to a simple outfit. If you go for a more simple plain colored belt, branch out by matching the buckle to your jewelry, silver or gold, or even check out some cute chain belts. If you’re interested in super cute belts, keep a look out for Darling Authority’s spring collection! 

5.) Throw on some Jewelry

The simplest way to accessorize is with jewelry. Bold, dainty, or layered, the power of jewelry is sometimes underrated! A simple outfit can be taken to an entirely new level by wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Another way to make a look more exciting is mixing metals, don’t be afraid to wear gold, silver, or rose gold altogether!

What's your favorite style tip? Comment below!

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