How to Sell Yourself

How to Sell Yourself

Besides running Darling Authority, I'm currently a senior at Bradley University who is deep in the job hunt. So, I've been juggling phone interviews, in person interviews and even offers! 

I may be good at selling clothing - but I'm AWFUL at selling myself and my accomplishments. If you're anything like me, feel free to read along and find out how to better sell yourself. 

1. Become Self-Aware

Before you can sell yourself, you have to know who that is. Take a personality assessment or do some self-reflection on who you are and what makes you tick. It might be listed on your resume, but what do those experiences mean in terms of what you bring to the table? Focus not on who you WANT to be, but what you can realistically bring / what you want from an opportunity. The hunt (and the sell) will become much easier when you know exactly what you're offering. 

2. Pursue Opportunities that Match Your Skills/Personality 

Along those lines, once you know who you are, work on finding an opportunity that matches that. "Selling" yourself won't be something you have to actively do because it'll come naturally if the position is a good fit. The sell won't be a stretch if you genuinely believe you're the best one for the opportunity. 

3. Skill Match to the Person/Company you're Talking to

Now you've found the opportunity, how do you put it into practice? Take a look at the person and the company and match your background/experiences to them. If their people are driven and sales focused, highlight experiences where you've put passion and work towards something. Again, selling yourself is easy if they're looking for exactly what you have. You should know immediately from a job description or first conversation if that's the case. 

4.) Believe in your abilities 

Could you sell the cure for cancer if you didn't believe it existed? Well, maybe. But just like selling yourself, if you stretch your own belief and skills to try to make the sale, it won't go very well. Even if you get the sale, you'll most likely feel pretty poorly afterwards. BELIEVE. IN. YOURSELF. Why not? You're literally getting out of bed each day and putting in the work to get the job done (at least I hope so). 

5.) Own it!

Don't ramble. Be clear, decide and direct when talking to someone about your abilities. And gosh golly - own it! Go down being 100% yourself and put everything you've got on the line. 

6.) Be comfortable with rejection

Rejection doesn't mean you're not fully capable. It just wasn't an opportunity meant for you. If you take every closed door as a closed door, you're inhibiting yourself from noticing the window that blew wide open next to you. 

In conclusion

You've got this. Stop stressing. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the voices in your head or people around you. Focus on you - and sell ya dang self! 

Let me know how it goes

- xoxo Natalie Konopka

Owner of Darling Authority 


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