Boutique Myths DeBunked

Boutique Myths DeBunked

Hi darlings!!

I realized on Saturday that Darling Authority has been open for 7 month - SEVEN. MONTHS. I know, I'm just as shocked as you are. So with that realization, I think it's time to give you a little peak behind the curtain - a debunking version. 

As a boutique owner, I get a lot of questions and misconceptions that come my way, so here's my answers to a few: 

1.) Boutiques make their own clothing.

This is my favorite, because so many times have I been approached by a friend or stranger who proclaims, "Omg, do you make the clothes?!" Unfortunately no, I don't slave away stitching hems in my apartment. Instead, boutique owners get their clothing from wholesalers and vendors. Brands design and manufacture the clothing and sell them exclusively to boutique partners to sell on their behalf. :-)

2.) Boutiques are overpriced.

On that note, the purpose of a boutique is to bring a curated selection of clothing specifically made for a group of people. Boutique owners work hard to build relationships with vendors, pick out pieces they think match their brand and customer, price them, tag them, fold them, photograph them and sell them. We (and least I) buy high quality, unique items that you can't get at a department or "fast fashion" store. Honestly, you get what (and who) you pay for! Prices reflect the time, money and effort that boutique owners put forth in order to bring you what you love while still making enough to put food on the table!.

3.) Boutiques are run by a team of people.

Well, sort of. If your definition of a "team" is one fierce spirited gal and the support of her friends and family. Most boutiques are actually just run by one or two individuals with a passion and drive for what they do. They might have a couple additional helpers (hi, Emma!) - but most times your favorite boutiques are a one man job. 

4.) Other boutiques are seen as competition.

I think this is common when you're starting your boutique or an outsider looking in. However, I've actually found this to be the opposite of true! I've found such a strong community of like-minded individuals who are SO helpful and supportive of each other. We're constantly buying from other boutiques, shouting them out on instagram, working to partner on events. It's been an amazing experience so far!

5.) Boutiques are only based out of storefronts.

Darling Authority is a clear example of the fact that this isn't the case. Online only boutiques are popping up every day, and we don't see it stopping soon! But who knows, maybe we'll move into a town near you very soon. ;-)

6.) Running a boutique is easy. 

Well, I wish this was true! Don't get me wrong, it's not the worst job in the world. Running Darling Authority is usually the easiest and most fun part of my day. But it doesn't come without its challenges, blood, sweat and tears. Running a boutique is HARD, girl. Keeping yourself motivated and staying on top of the craziness of it all is hard to do, but it's so worth it. 

And many more

Okay, hopefully this gave you a little clarity into the common misconceptions of boutiques/boutique owners. Let me know if you liked this and want more! What myth have you heard?


- xoxo Natalie, Owner of Darling Authority Boutique


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