5 Ways to Unlock Your Inner Girl Boss

5 Ways to Unlock Your Inner Girl Boss

A lot of people think I'm crazy: and don't get me wrong, sometimes I agree with them. It's the nights where all I want to do is throw my hair in a messy bun, grab a bottle of wine and veg out on the couch but I can't because I have a million things to get done by the morning. Or the nights my schedule runs back to back from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and I forget to eat a single meal. 

As a 21-year-old business owner, college student, corporate employee, student organization president, friend, etc. I understand why people think I'm crazy for doing it all. Maybe some of you out there are the same way I am, or perhaps you're also thinking, "Nat, how (and why) are you doing this all?" 

Either way, here's some answers on how to unlock your inner girl boss, and tackle what seems like a crazy life:

1. Believe She's In There

Step one to finding your girl boss, is believing you have one in the first place. Having the mentality of "I could never do that," or "I'm not the type of person to do xyz" is the biggest mistake you can make in achieving your goals. Anyone can do anything they set their mind to. When I started Darling Authority, I didn't think twice about whether I was the "type" of girl to run a boutique - I just became one.

2. Play to Your Strengths and Admit Your Weaknesses

Have you ever heard the saying, "sometimes the strongest thing you can do is ask for help?" Well that's the key to unleashing that raging female that's ready to take on the world. It's understanding that the whole world sometimes isn't practical. Find the things you're good at - use them, refine them, grow them. However, find the things you're also bad at. Determine which things are worth working on, and make peace with the rest. You'll burn yourself out trying to be everything for everyone. 

3. Organize in a Way That Works For You

I can't force you to go buy a planner, or put reminders in your phone. Because frankly, some of those things don't even work for me. The crazier my schedule gets, the easier it seems for me to just go with the flow and follow a mental organization of my day. However, starting out I definitely lived through my planner and had a calendar laid out in 3 different ways to try to tackle my busy life. Now it's become a routine once I found a way that works best for me! 

4. Start Living For You

It's okay sis - breathe. We're all just trying to make it through the day. Let go of the expectations you have set up for yourself, and start living in a way that makes YOU happy. You're only young and reckless once in your life, so max it out! Buy that sweater you've had your eye on, say yes to a night out even though you have work in the morning, take a drive and scream your lungs out. Life is so precious and so short it's not worth spending a second doing something that doesn't set your soul on fire.

5. Take a Day Off, or Maybe Two

When you have a crazy life, it's easy to go, go, go until the day is over - just to wake up and do it again. But I think the way I manage it all is by letting myself take the down time I need. Spend a day watching Netflix. Go get lunch with the gals. I never say no to an opportunity (frankly in all aspects of my life), but that's what keeps me sane and happy! You're only causing yourself more stress by turning everything in your life into an obligation. 

BONUS: Change Your Mindset: You GET to Do Things, You Don't HAVE to Do Them.

Alright ladies (and gentlemen I suppose), those are my initial tips to help y'all unleash that female hustler inside of you. Just remember, be easy on yourself and things will fall into place. You're capable of amazing things, just go do them! 


Natalie, Owner of Darling Authority 

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I liked this article a lot. I found out that you can actually apply these tips to anyone and not just one group of people. I think that there is a lot of value in these tips, and that is something even I could learn from, even if I am not the intended audience. As a result I think that this article was really well written, and that I will be using these tips for a while.

Ethan Buck

I really enjoyed this blog. Although it was aimed at unlocking your inner girl boss, I still found valuable lessons for me as a man. These are all areas I could improve on in my own life. The most important step to me is taking a day or two off. I sometimes make myself too busy and do not take time to relax and rejuvenate. After reading this, I took a whole night off and I have been in a much better mindset since. I also think a big part of unlocking your inner girl boss is knowing she/he is in there.
I am looking forward to more lessons I can apply to my life!

Cole Bredahl

After reading this it started to make me think again about maybe one day starting my own business. When I always thought about starting a business I would be scared and terrified that I would fail and that I would never be able to do it again if that were to happen. I really thought that these ways to unlock your inner girl boss were very helpful. I liked the point about start living for you this is something that I struggle with on a day to day bases. At times I do things that absolutely do not make me happy. It is hard for me to do things for myself because I always put others before me. I loved the point take a day off, or maybe two. I am always going and I never seem to find any time to just stop and relax and do something for me.
I will work on my inner girl boss from time to time and hopefully it will lead me to actually being a boss in the future.

I can’t wait to see what your next post in your blog will be about.

Amanda Sadowski

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