5 Tips on how to Organize Your Closet

5 Tips on how to Organize Your Closet

Well ladies… fall is officially HERE. That means starting to put away your favorite high waisted shorts and pulling out your favorite knit sweaters!! 

This can be a process, however. It’s hard to let go of your favorite crop top and put it away until next summer. We know how hard it is, trust me. But keeping it around in your closet means so much wasted space that you could be filling with all of your fall FAVES!

Here are some tips that will help you with organizing your closet and making space for your fall essentials without having to get rid of everything

1. Go through your closet before organizing and ...get rid of stuff

I know. This one hurts. But you can’t have enough space to organize when you’re 8th grade dance dress is still hanging up. Even if it’s in the back. Go through piece by piece, and if it brings you complete utter happiness, keep it. But if you hold it up and feel nothing, it’s probably time to let it go. 

2. Get creative with bulky clothing items

That chunky knit sweater doesn’t have to take up the ENTIRE top rack. Utilize storage spaces like shoe hangers or dresser drawers and to store your sweaters. They won’t wrinkle and you’ll still have plenty of space to hang jackets and lighter shirts on your clothing rack. 

3. Stack your shoes

It’s nice to be able to see all your shoes when making your footwear decision for the day. But you can still do this without having them sprawled across your closet floor. Invest in a hanging shoe organizer. That keeps all your soles in a slimming space while still being able to see all of your options. 

4. Hang your clothes strategically

This can be the biggest space invader, so considering how you’re hanging your clothes does make a difference. Hang your blouses and linen-fabrics. These are lighter materials that wrinkle easily so having them together will save some space because they are easily compressed. 


If you have run out of room in your rack space, utilize dresser drawers or storage bins but roll your clothes instead of folding them! Rolling helps prevent wrinkles and takes up far less space than stacking folded clothes.

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