5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

There's nothing scarier than plans with nothing to wear... especially during Halloween! Don't get spooked out of celebrating babes, we've got your outfit covered. Here's 5 of our favorite last minute, totally fab, halloween costumes using some of our very own pieces! 

All of our items are highlighted in Pink and link directly to the item so you can easily add your fav styles to cart! We also made an Amazon list for all the items pictured which you can find here.

Costume #1: Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

Putting this costume together is easier than clicking your heels together. First, grab our Kick Him to the Curb Dress (on sale!). Next it's just time to accessorize - grab our "No Scrubs Glasses" in red for only $10! The rest can easily be found around your house, or your nearest Target. But in case you're on a time crunch, we've linked all our fav Amazon finds: red heels, lace socks, a whicker basket and of course you can't forget Toto! 

Costume #2: Cowgirl

This next costume screams baddie of the West! Start off with our Spice It Up Bodysuit in Black and layer our Stompin Grounds Jacket on top. Next, add a fringe belt and accessorize with a bandana + our No Total Monet glasses (only $12!) To finish off the look strong, add a chunky black bootie like our Round Em Up Booties.

Costume #3: Clueless / 90's girl

Caught in an ugly costume? Ugh, as if! Channel your inner 90's icon Cher with this next costume! Our ultra cozy "As If" set is the perfect place to start: grab the top and skirt for a matching look (both on sale!) Next, grab a knee high pair of stockings, some white heels, and accessorize with your fav lip gloss. To tie the look together, throw on our No Scrubs Glasses in pink to tell the haters you mean business

Costume #4: Pirate 

Arrrr, get those skulls, that gold, and leave! (Not before you arrive at the party looking like the flyest piece of booty) You can never go wrong with a pirate look, so here's how to put it together: start with our Times Square Top in white, pair it with a pair of leather shorts (any will do), and accessorize with a scarf and chain belt. Finally throw on some badass booties (our round em up booties are an obvious pick) to stomp on your enemies and add a sword for added flare! 

Costume #5: GO GO Girl

Become the ethereal being you obviously are and let the whole room see it! This go go girl costume will have you throwing it allll the way back. Start with our Peace Love and Country Skirt and throw on a white bell sleeve top. Next accessorize with some knee high go go boots, a white headband and our No Total Monet Glasses in yellow (on sale!)

... and that's a wrap!

We had SO much fun putting this together! We hope you love all the options and we know you'll kill whatever look you choose. Which one are you rocking this Halloween season?! Comment below your pick and we'll choose 2 winners to win a $10 gift card in order to buy their costume essentials! 

- xoxo DA Team

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These are all so cute!! I’d for sure go as Clueless ;)


I love the go go girl! Super cute 🤩🤩🤩


i think all of these costumes are so cute! my fav is definitely go go girl. so cute!


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