5 Galentine's Day Date Ideas

5 Galentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be fun for couples this year, ladies! Call up your closest gals, (single or not) and get to planning your perfect Galentine’s Day/Night!

1.) Wine and Movie Night 

It never hurts to stay in with your best girlfriends to enjoy a rom com, a sad movie, or even a crime documentary. Make some special time with just the girls to show them you care, while doing what mutually interests you all! Adding wine and a cheese board also never hurts. 

2.) Go Out to a Fancy Restaurant 

Show your friends how much you love them with a real date! Get dolled up together, do each other’s hair, and throw on your favorite outfits. Go to a nice restaurant to splurge for yourself, because you're worth it! Pro tip: take an uber to feel like you have a chauffeur ;)

3.) Shopping 

Honestly, what is a girls day without some form of shopping? Go to the closest mall, have a thrifting day, do a clothes swap, or online shopping (of course checking out Darling Authority)! Try picking a piece for yourself and a piece for your bestie, and think of each other every time you wear it.

4.) Have a Photoshoot 

A huge confidence boost is having your number one hype women remind you how beautiful you truly are! Wear what makes you feel best, play some music, and bust out the portrait mode. Your girls always know your best angles and can help your inner beauty shine through.

5.) At Home Spa Day

Nothing brings together women like face masks do. Look up fun DIYs, bring your favorite hand scrubs, body lotions, and prepare for bliss! Help each other out with manicures and pedicures to feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. 

In Conclusion 

At the end of the day, our best girl friends go out of the way to help us, they love us like a sister, and we help bring out the best in each other. Make sure to show love to your girls this Galentine’s day!

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