3 Breaks You Can (and Should) Take Right Now

3 Breaks You Can (and Should) Take Right Now

We're constantly taught how to be more effective, work harder, complete tasks more efficiently and how to juggle our daily tasks. However, what no one tends to teach us is how to NOT do that, even if it's for just a second. 

I am the queen of spreading yourself thin and working on maximum overdrive at all times. However, I've also mastered the art of taking breaks and I rarely feel stress (unbelievable, I know). 

So, depending on what works best for you, here are 3 ways you can take breaks right now:

1.) Switch your focus to another task

This is how I tend to take "breaks" - by low key always working. This may seem counter productive and not effective, but with my go go go personality, it's actually how I best operate. When working on tasks that are more draining and less enjoyable, I like to shift my focus on a task I'd rather do. 

2.) Set a timer for yourself and do another activity 

This is one my nursing friends or athletes tend to do - I've seen people set specific times in their day dedicated to free time / breaks. It puts an enforced amount of time where your only obligation is to do whatever the hell you want. If you're a schedule type person - this might be for you!

3.) Tune the world out completely

and here's for my "f it" gal pals. Screw your responsibilities and head to bed girlfriend, you deserve it!

In conclusion

Hopefully that gave you the motivation not only to excel in life and word hard, but also to take a second for yourself and know when to call it quits. 



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Timers work wonders for toddlers. I wonder why we give them up?🤔


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