5 Fall Must-Haves

5 Fall Must-Haves

So it’s halfway through September, which means at this point we’re sick of the blazing heat and humidity and all we want to do is curl up next to an apple spice candle and watch Hocus Pocus (at least I do). Even though we’re not quite at the summer-to-fall tipping point, here are some fall essentials your closet needs before the season begins:


1. Flat Brimmed Hat

A flat brimmed hat is the piece that will complete your entire outfit, no matter what you’re wearing. It’s the key accessory that your closet needs to dress up a casual outfit or even dress down a fancier get-up. A dark brown, charcoal grey, or black will complement your style without taking away too much from the outfit itself. 


2. Sweater Dress

Ah, sweater dresses. Though they can make you sweat to death on fall’s hot days and make you wish you were wearing pants on cooler days, they are adorable and can be worn for any occasion. Getting a solid color sweater dress allows you to easily pair fun pops of color with hats, scarves, or unique jackets that will ultimately tie the outfit together. 

3. Plaid scarf

Is this the most basic fall accessory? Absolutely. Do you still need it? Absolutely. Plaid scarves can be thrown on with a dress, plaid scarves can be thrown on with high waisted jeans, plaid scarves can even be thrown on over your pajamas while making an emergency run to the grocery store and will it still look good? Ab. So. Lutely. The plaid scarf is a staple and can make you look totally put together, even when you’re definitely not. 

4. Boots

Booties, heeled boots, high knee boots, rain boots. Doesn’t even matter what kind. Boots will, without a doubt, be shoe of choice when it comes to your fall outfit. This is the one season that you can get away with wearing a stylish, trendy bottom without all the foot sweat. I mean think about it. You can’t wear cute heeled booties in 5 feet of snow. Pair a low rise bootie with your favorite ripped jeans or high rise boots with your favorite fall dress.

5. Statement Jacket

If you get anything off of this list- GET THIS! A statement jacket will have people wanting your style, no matter what’s hiding underneath. A long wool coat, trench coat, faux fur jacket, oversized denim jacket, even a colorful puffer jacket will bring your outfit to fruition. Jackets are a fun way to spice up your look. A bright color, embellishment, length, or pattern can turn a boring, used look into a brand new favorite outfit that’s perfect for grocery runs, a walk in the park, or a fun night out.

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